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I'm Kymberly

You'll love working with me!

I'm a classically conversational stage actor who's played everything from a talking fish to Titus Andronicus. I also have a penchant for beautiful language and an astute comprehension of when and where to emphasize just the right phrase. It's one of the key reasons people rely on my voice for #professional #VO (that and my perfectionism - ask me how I rotate my dinnerware so that it all gets proper usage...)!  


I love a good read, properly parsed to the dynamic brilliance of a great commercial script; and off-the-cuff & snark-o-licious character moments. Plus, I'm a true "Coast to Coast Bigmouth," ready to deliver East Coast savvy, West Coast chill, and everything in between! Let's accomplish inredible things together - I'm IN for the fun projects, the odd projects, and the stuff that others may eschew.

Keep moving


She's so New York + then L.A.

And every town along the way...

"She's Every Woman" | Garth Brooks

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